Removing Translations

It hasn’t even been a week yet, but I already regret so many things. I wanted to ask for permission to translate Blindness, but I couldn’t find out how to get in contact with the author. And I feel really stupid because I clearly didn’t look hard enough. Apparently, there’s a second profile on Novel18 you can access if you login… In any case, I really shouldn’t have posted it. I finally figured out how to send messages on Novel18 this morning, and asked the author for permission to translate it. I took down all the chapters immediately after too because it didn’t feel right otherwise. Anyways, they’re gone now because they rejected the request. Sorry about all of this, especially to the author. I feel really terrible about not asking for it beforehand, but I reap what I sow. It also doesn’t help that I completely forgot to mention that I already posted chapters in my initial mail, and I think they found out from someone else. I sent them an apology, but I’m pretty sure that it being badly MTLed will only irritate them more.

Here is the source for Blindness if you want to continue reading it.

I might also be cleaning out my blog depending if I actually am going to continue translating.


Disappearance of Illunia

Heyo, are people still following this blog?

Sorry for being away for months without any sort of update, especially those of you who helped out during the incident. My drive for translating has hit a wall and my motivation to finish any of my projects is at an all time low. I kept flip-flopping over whether I should keep translating because I felt obligated to, hoping to find that spark again along the way, or cut back and do something I actually enjoyed. Which is no excuse for having dragged this out for so long. I should have kept you guys updated, instead of leaving you all hanging. With that said, I’m officially dropping all of my projects. They’re better off in the hands of people who’d actually see them through, much sooner than I’d ever be able to finish them as I currently am.

So what happens now? This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop translating for good, I just don’t want the stress that comes with it. Like trying to keep a schedule I’m obviously not going to commit to. I might also release the odd teaser here and there. Zero commitment=Stress free.

TLDR: Projects dropped, help them find a home. Sorry for the disappointment. Thanks for reading! …This is quite literally the worst update to post after a long hiatus.