Psychopath Shimabara series

Title: サイコパス島原シリーズ
Author: 風祭おまる (Kazamatsuri Omaru)
Source: Here


A Single Cigarette and a Proposal

Title: 煙草一本とプロポーズ

The target of my unrequited love for three years, Shimabara, was getting married. Asama who was shocked and Shimabara who spoke about his partner strangely…

Happens in the span of 5 minutes. A short and suspenseful love.

※ Although there is no actual sex in this work, there is an R18 description.


A Single Cigarette and the Newlywed Life

Title: 煙草一本の新婚生活

The next Sunday after Shimabara proposed. Asama began living together with Shimabara. However, as expected, a newlywed life with Shimabara wasn’t only sweet…